Yes, You Could Write Your Own Copy

Thank Goodness You Don't Have To.

Professional writing services when you have to get it right.

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Don't Leave Money on the Table

Don’t leave money on the table by Googling your way through your copy.

Whether you’re writing (or avoiding writing) blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, emails or web copy, each word you choose has the power to welcome visitors, form new relationships, and close clients - all while you’re sleeping or doing other business-growing activities.

 When speaking to potential clients, you are deliberate with the words you choose.

So why are you guessing your way through copy?

Websites and Landing Pages

There’s No Place Like Home

We write your website content in such a way that your perfect customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

Visitors know the moment they land on your page that they can get comfortable, take off their figurative shoes, and stay awhile, because your website makes them feel at "home."

And, after all, "There's no place like home."

We accomplish this by studying your present and future customers, listening to their voices, and delivering the words they're looking for. 

Because writing copy is not meant to be a guessing game.


"The new Cantors Assembly website looks wonderful! Well done. And the response to it was terrific!"

Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny
Member, Cantors Assembly
Lead Magnets, Funnels, and Emails

Stop Hemorrhaging Leads

Your ideal customer comes to your website or landing page to solve a pressing problem.

As such, your lead magnet should offer a quick and easy solution to that problem..

We research both your customers’ needs and your competitors’ websites to create an irresistible neodymium-strong lead magnet, so that your website never bleeds leads again.

We write emails for every step of your funnel that turn your new leads turn into engaged and delighted customers.

Sales Pages

"You Read My Mind!"

Your sales page is the difference between a 7-figure product launch and having to beg your family member for another loan.

The right words compel your visitors to purchase your offer, while the wrong words cause them to “X” out of your page.

The thing is, different words work for different customers.

Rather than guess at what your customers want, we conduct customer interviews to uncover what they want and the words they use.

By walking your top customers through the 67 Golden Questions, we develop sales copy that matches the conversations that are already going on in their heads.

Don’t be surprised when your perfect customer, after reading your sales page, asks you, “How did you read my mind?”

Which words would you rather use?

Your customer’s voice, or a catch-all template?

"I just wanted to let you know that everything you have so far is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for capturing our hearts and soul through your writing, WOW!!!! Thank you so much for work and getting us. I appreciate you so much. It feels amazing to be heard. I cannot wait for people to see this!"

Carson Cooper
Founder and COO, Genius Unlocked
Blogs, Guest Posting and Publicity

Content So Good You Can't Stop at One

Not only does carefully crafted blog content rank your website higher in Google, but they draw your perfect customers into your funnel like flies to honey.

We write SEO-optimized blog client that your customers will find irresistible.

Want more authority and credibility for your business?

We guest post to over 200 sites, including the TODAY Show and the TED blog, in order to get in front of other audiences, and add link “juice” to your domain.

Want the credibility of a Forbes or mention or feature article? We’ve got you covered.

Want to do it yourself? Check out our signature course Bulletproof Authority with special COVID pricing to get your name out there in a  big way.


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