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If you're of a certain age, you'll remember the E.F. Hutton tag line, "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen."

When you're featured on sites like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and NBC News, your prospective customers will know whom to listen to... YOU.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Melanie Fine, and I've been online since 2008.  Like you, I'd poured my heart into creating online courses, making videos, and coaching others to grow into the best versions of themselves.

Unlike you, however, I was stubborn. I believed that if I just created top-notch courses, videos, blog posts, and sales letters, people would find me and buy from me.  Sort of like the Field of Dreams, "if you build it, they will come," fantasy.

After all, isn't that the secret formula that every online guru teaches?

Anyway, I purchased high-ticket program after high-ticket program, did what the gurus taught,  and admittedly improved my skills exponentially, but still was not attracting enough clients to fulfill my entrepreneurial dream.


I learned how to get published in top online magazines.

It started with getting published in a local newspaper. And then I got picked up by The Huffington Post. And then I got published on other sites like The Writing Cooperative, Entrepreneur Magazine, and finally Forbes, for whom I write regularly.

Now, people send me messages wanting to work with me, and I spend far less time with tire kickers and the "let me think about it" people.  Prospective clients know I'm the real deal, not because I say so -- but because highly-respected magazines do. (And for those of you who are as uncomfortable tooting your own horn as I am, this is a life-changer).

It took me years of trial and error, and rejection after rejection, to learn how to do this.

Let me and my team teach you how to get the media exposure your business needs. 

Isn't it time you got the press you deserved?




"Melanie is a true professional and gets the job done... I had been a regular contributor to and when I stopped writing content, Entrepreneur closed my account. Within 1 week, Melanie had reestablished my account with and I’ve been featured regularly ever since. In fact, the first article she placed for me has already been shared 5.2K times! Melanie is a true professional and gets the job done. I would highly recommend her when you’re ready to get your word out in a big way. "

Nick Unsworth
CEO Life on Fire

"We highly recommend using Melanie to get you the exposure you’re looking for in your business. We are always looking to get the word out about our yoga and coaching business. We worked with Melanie and she got us featured on Huffington Post. We received tons of positive reaction and engagement from this article, which was shared over 500 times! We highly recommend using Melanie to get you the exposure you’re looking for in your business. We’re looking forward to working with her again.."

Rosie and Kit Volcano
CEO, Founders and Master Coaches at The Little Volcano

"Melanie Fine works PR miracles. In a matter of a few months, she was able to write a compelling article exactly pertaining to my business and get it placed on Now, adding that to my website: provides social proof and does a great job of explaining my high-end program. Melanie works fast, writes well and follows through until she accomplishes what she promises!"

Mitch Russo
Veteran CEO adviser and author of The Invisible Organization

"Melanie got me featured on the Today show blog. My article received over 5K views and was syndicated on the Today Show’s Facebook page to over 561K followers and on the Scary Mommy blog. I guest posted on Momspresso and I was an invited guest on the Shameless Mom podcast with over 2 million downloads. I couldn’t have done it without her invaluable help."

Davide DiGiorgio
UNboring TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Author, Gen Z Advocate, & Comparanoia® Expert

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