Are You Expecting Too Much from Your Content - Or Not Enough?


It used to be that you could put a post up in your blog that would magically attract visitors. Now, posting an article on your blog might get you get a trickle of visitors if you’re lucky.

And that really sucks. Because you worked so hard on your article. Heck, you even turned off your phone and missed watching one of your favorite YouTube channels go live.

You try this maybe two more times at the most, and, after getting virtually nothing in return for the hours you spent searching for just the right word, you throw in the towel. After all, when it comes to the internet, it’s no longer the wild, wild west.

My question to you is, are you expecting too much from your content?

Or not enough?

3.5 billion people worldwide search Google each day. And most of what they’re searching for are solutions to their problems.

It makes perfect sense that, to reach these 3.5 billion people (or the 100,000 people or so searching in your niche), you should write...

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