Keyword Research: Fast, Free and Simple


Whether you’re launching a new site or figuring out what to write about that will bring a flood of perfect clients to your site, keyword research can help. And I’m not talking about the type of keyword research that requires a monthly subscription, or the top SEO (search engine optimization) minds to scientifically pinpoint. 

Rather, let’s make it simple and fast, so that we can spend our time producing content rather than “planning to” produce content.

Here’s my fast, free and simple keyword research method to figure out what to write about that your perfect customers are looking for.

  1. Go to Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest 


I used branding as my keyword.  Press “Search.”

We find out that the keyword “branding” word has a monthly search volume of 90500, an SEO difficulty of 65 (where zero is the easiest and 100 is the most difficult to rank), a paid difficulty of 21 which means it's pretty easy to...

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