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They say that a Jack of all trades is the master of none.  Nothing could be farther than the truth for Melanie Fine, a "ahem" Jill of all trades.   Melanie is a clear and compelling writer, author of the books “Fission Girl” and the "Chemistry Quick Guide Series,” as well as an award-winning science educator, speaker and cantor. 

She is a current contributor to Forbes, former contributor to the Huffington Post and her ELI Talk “Hidden Figures: Finding Meaning in the Closets of our Tradition” was released in September 2018. 

For the past few years, she has been helping people shed their “invisibility cloaks” by getting published in major magazines such as Entrepreneur and Forbes. She is a professional copywriter who imbues her sentences with personality, warmth and magnetism.  Though she has many writing and copy clients, she cherishes the opportunity to pass on her skills to others who want to write successfully for the web.

Her passions are many, which often make her morning planning session especially challenging, as she has to put aside so many disparate interests to focus on one project each day.  Between her online course Build Your Online Influence, her teaching, her writing and her family, she still manages to make time for her pet project – promoting girls in science at RocketGirls.com.

Melanie is also an ordained cantor, leading services in the Jewish tradition. 

She earned her bachelors degree from Cornell University, her masters degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary and though she hasn’t finished learning, she’s hanging up her mortar board until she makes good on all her past student loans.

She is the single mother of 12-year-old Max, whom she often engages humor and challenging math problems, and she’s looking forward to the day when he surpasses her in science, mathematics, writing, and most of all, in the gentleness of his soul. 



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